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“I’m from Wulfton.”
“Where should that be? Nobody comes from Wulfton. “

Liard: Zacharas


Wulfton is a peaceful little village in the far north of Tiorlanth. It connects directly to the Wolfstann Forest, which does not get its name from the wild wolves that live there, but from the noise that the wind makes when it drives through the treetops. It is also the westernmost village in the Red Kingdom. In the southwest of Wulfton the Tempest River runs from which the Papaver Creek later rises.


The villagers of Wulfton are mainly composed of herbivores. In addition to sheep and rabbits, there are a few pigs and horses. Only a very small part of the population are carnivores.


The residents of Wulfton run a summer and winter field, the majority of which is acquired by the Liard and the rest is divided between those who participate in the sowing and harvesting. The following are grown: rapeseed, oats, wheat, barley. Many of the residents also run their own small gardens with various vegetables and herbs.


Wulfton is part of a trade route that runs between Ibaian, King’s Wall, Mūraere and ends in Wulfton. The dealer caravan comes about every two months.
Some of the commodities: pottery, herbs and herbal tinctures, vegetables, leather, feathers […]


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