Violet Kingdom

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Coat of arms of the Royal Family of the Violet Kingdom

Royal Family

King: Heynrich
Queen: Kriemhilde
King’s Children: Endris and Kilian
Vassal: Gjelbrim

The nobility and the Violet Army

Known Liards: Fulk, Kjell
Known knights:
Known soldiers:

In the Army of the Violet Crown you can find many buffalo and cattle as soldiers. It hasn’t changed much over time. Horses, donkeys and sheep are also among the soldiers sent by the supporting Liards. Spears and long swords are the most commonly used weapons. It houses only a few archers. In fact, the Violet Army captivates more through muscle strength than through speed. Rumor has it that there is even a bear fighting for the Violet King. So far nobody has been able to confirm this.

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