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“May the poppy wish you well, dear friend.”

Welcome to Animas, the imaginary world of Tiorlanth, inhabited by anthopomorphic animal characters.

You can find out more about the topic, the characters and the general world order in the menu bar under the header >The World of Animas< .

The most recents chapters are waiting for you here.

To read individual stories in chronological order, just go to >Tales< and select whichever one tickles your fancy. (At this moment in time, only Rouven’s Tale is currently available. Let’s hope a lot more will follow.)

This web page is an ongoing work in progress. So it’s definitely worth to check in every now and again. Enjoy your stroll through “Animas – Tales of Tiorlanth”.

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The world of Animas is inspired by medieval Europe. Those times were not always peaceful and quaint. There may be scenarios that are not for everybody. Reader discretion is advised.

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