Red Kingdom

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Coat of arms of the Royal Family of the Red Kingdom

Royal Family

King: Nivard
Queen: Ava
King’s children: Veyd (lives with the purple king)

The nobility and the Red Army

Known Liards: Clewin, Ekarius, Hauke, Leonhard, Zacharas
Known knights:
Known soldiers:

Under the auspices of the former Red King Aulber, the army consisted mainly of various species of deer such as the red deer, fallow deer, elk and reindeer.
However, the army of the Red Kingdom went through some changes in recent years after it was taken over by the current king Nivard. There are still some species of deer to be found in the army of the red crown, but now it mainly consists of species of martens such as badgers and polecats. It also receives weasels, ermines (primarily as archers) and various types of cats from the supporting Liards. The Red Army impresses with a good balance between agility, strength and endurance.

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