Blue Kingdom

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Coat of arms of the Royal Family of the Blue Kingdom

Royal Family

King: Ciprianus
Queen: Agather
King’s Children: Arved (foster child)
Vassal: Daglind

The nobility and the Blue Army

Known Liards: Georig, Hönlin
Known knights:
Kown soldiers:

The army of the Violet Kingdom is believed to be Tiorlanth’s largest army. There is little difference between the individual animal races. Rats, maddies, elks and ibexes can be found alongside sheep, pigs, donkeys, horses, lynxes and wolves. Anyone who is able to hold and use a weapon will be drafted. Due to the mines, smelters and forges in the capital Burdin and the metals extracted from them, the army impresses with a variety of different weapons, which can only be found here.

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